The Write Week! Looking forward to 2017

thankyou-for-your-support-for-2016We can’t thank everyone enough for attending our 2016 festival – both authors and audience alike. This has been the best festival yet (we say that every year – how wonderful is that!) and we again loved every minute of it.

It’s always a bit of hard work bringing it all together, but we all have our roles to play. We’re not quite finished yet as we wrap up all the paperwork and behind the scenes bits and pieces and prepare for 2017.

This is a true boutique festival – an opportunity for authors to mingle with their readers and connect.

It’s a festival that cannot be run by one person, but on the other hand manages very well to get itself organised by a tiny committee of five women.

We’re’ not-for-profit and proud of it – and we think it shows!

Some authors for next year have already been booked – watch this space for announcements – and we look forwarad to you joining us again.









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